Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outfit Of The Day

 photo 1962899_629009887192546_1147415904_n.jpg

Dress: ASOS <3
Shoes: Nine West (second hand)

So this is as OOTD as I get lately.  As explained in my previous post I am not the best blogger right now.  The weather is cooling down a bit which is nice but I still don't enjoy alot of clothes in the stores at the moment sadly.

I have bought two items though believe it or not!

 photo DL-2325_V1.jpg
 photo image1xxlfdfdgd.jpg

Anyway I am terribly sorry for the lack of posting I mean I don't think I am really that missed because I am not a big time famous uber awesome cool blogger who is inspiring people.

Plus Im selling out alot of mysummer clothes including those super cute rompers I wore with the flamingos and ice cream...basically I am a short ass but have a long body which means camel toe with 90% of playsuits.

So Ill stick with dresses

And buy boho stuff x

Thursday, March 27, 2014

So again I have been super duper slack lately.  Lets not make excuses.
Main reasons are.

1. Fashion is SO BORING atm.  Don't get me wrong..I love clothes but the clothes in store and in magazines...I flick through and am just so uninspired! I really want to go 70s boho but where can I find goodies like this! It makes me sad.

2.  I also haven't been doing my weekly outing with my mother darling.  I hate to be this type of blogger or person as I hate talking about my own personal life but I have been getting shaky chest and heart and just feeling weak in general.  My doctor either thinks it could be my heart or anxiety and I think it is anxiety.  But I have to wait for an appointment to find out.  So I am reluctant to go outside.  Very much.  Must force myself.  I am hoping that next week I will find some courage to go out and face the world!!! Wish me luck.

Kisses for all the loves!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Outfit of The Friday

 photo IMG_6556.jpg

Outfit Details
Dresss: Tonight Tonight @ Dragonberry boutique
Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Crown and Lipstick: Sportsgirl